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The world is facing a challenge: feeding the ever growing world population. With a decreased amount of arable land, efficiency per acre has to increase. Precision agriculture will play a key role in the solution of this problem.

In order to make precision agriculture work, high quality data is required. The rugged PrecisionScout will bring you insights from the field to help you analyze areas of interest or concern. It is the perfect solution for agricultural applications on small / medium size fields that require a high level of data quality. Fields of application:

  • Monitoring high value crops
  • Plant breeding
  • Disease detection

Industrial Inspection

The PrecisionScout is a very powerful tool to monitor an asset’s condition. Companies that efficiently manage to maintain the integrity of their assets can operate with fewer interruptions, spills, leaks and accidents.  

For many tasks, an unmanned aerial vehicle is a good alternative for conventional methods such as scaffolding or rope-access. The inspection data needed to make informed operational and maintenance decisions can be acquired in different ways:

  • Live inspection
  • High resolution stills
  • 4K video
  • Thermal imagery

The result is a minimum level of downtime, a reduction in operating costs and less time spent at heights or in confined spaces.

Typical tasks:

  • Structural inspection
  • Emergency inspection
  • Job site management
  • Gas leak detection


Using the PrecisionScout for mapping applications will open up more possibilities. Starting with the highly detailed photos as a basis, geospatial professionals can use the PrecisionScout for a variety of applications. Typical deliverables are: 

  • Orthophoto
  • Point clouds
  • Digital surface models
  • 3D models

From these deliverables, precise analysis can be performed, such as volumetric calculations. The result can be a digital report, a 3D model or digital map. It’s up to you!

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Data analysis

The imagery that comes out of the PrecisionScout can be used for various types of analysis: standard vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI, CWSI, TCARI/OSAVI), plant height models, thermal maps or more advanced vision applications.

All the PrecisionScout imagery is geo-tagged with a high accuracy. This makes integration with your management systems very efficient and enables new possibilities.

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Avular is committed to safety for professional drone operators and asset owners since our start in 2014. Every PrecisionScout is equipped with innovative safety systems to prevent accidents from happening by design. 

Standard safety features


Triple redundant autopilot


Assignment of no-fly zones


Superior control systems

ATEX Certification (in progress)

Automatic pre-flight checks

Protection against short-circuits

Wall detection system

< 4 kg take-off weight

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Data Processing and Accuracy

From live inspections to high resolution 3D models and maps, the imagery from the PrecisionScout will give you insight in the situation: during the flight or after processing your data. 

All the PrecisionScout imagery is accurately time-stamped and geo-tagged. This makes integration with your management systems very efficient and enables new possibilities.

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Accuracy and Performance

Whatever field of application you have in mind: oil and gas, infrastructure, landfill, humanitarian, mining or another application, drones can provide you with accurate data at relatively low costs.

The quality of your imagery depends on the quality of the photogrammetric equipment used. In terms of hardware, the most important parts contributing to a high level of accuracy are the camera and the precision of the location sensors.

The calibrated cameras and geo-referencing capabilities ensure a precise overlay of survey data points on the images.

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Integrating high-end precision farming, plant breeding and research applications in your workflow.

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Industrial Inspection

A very safe and powerful tool to monitor an asset’s condition.

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Highly accurate photos and tools for geospatial professionals. 

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Tailor the PrecisionScout for your application

  • RTK-GPS precision
  • Modular payload
  • Gas detection sensor add-on
  • Battery swap system
  • Detachable propellers