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Avular's PrecisionScout is the new benchmark for safe drone design, allowing operators to focus on the imagery. The PrecisionScout is the best choice for industrial environments, and inspection tasks, that require a very high level of accuracy.

PS 2017

Key features


The triple redundant autopilot provides the reliability, to keep the drone and payload safe in the air.


Industrial vision camera combined with a high level of location and positioning accuracy.


Smart Li-ion battery pack with QuickLock system, automatic logging and built-in charger.



Detachable propeller arms and payload, for easy and compact transportation.


Integrated solution including recurring maintenance, to guarantee a high level of airworthiness.


A rugged uni-body chassis design, for operations in nearly any environment.

Configure your PrecisionScout

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1 PrecisionScouts
0 Additional Battery packs per scout

Recommended options:

visual camera, thermal camera, hyperspectral camera, additional battery packs, maintenance.

Load configuration 

Industrial inspection

Recommended options:

visual camera, thermal camera, gas detection, additional battery packs and maintenance.

Load configuration 


Recommended options:

visual camera, additional battery packs and maintenance.

Load configuration 


Configure the PrecisionScout for your custom needs. 

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Additional information
areal drone industrial data avular


The fully integrated visual  payload will get you clear and precise images from the PrecisionScout platform. The core is an industrial camera that will capture high-resolution video and stills. Additionally, you can use its image processing power for next generation vision applications, getting even more information out of your data.


Upgrade the visual  payload with a 640 x 480 thermal camera. The thermal sensor is placed next to the visual sensor, unlocking new possibilities for your PrecisionScout.


The hyperspectral camera is capable of measuring multiple spectral bands simultaneously, perfect for environmental monitoring and precision farming. With one flight multiple indices can be retrieved.

areal drone industrial data avular

Additional smart batterypack(s)

Every PrecisionScout is shipped with one smart batterypack. Multiple batteries will cut down the time between flights. Select the amount of desired additional smart batterypacks.

Charging station

The charging station provides an efficient way to charge multiple smart batterypack(s) at the same time. You can install the charging station in your workshop, in your control vehicle and even on-site.

areal drone industrial data avular

Gas Detection Sensors

Add a gas detection sensor to guarantee safety in hazardous environments. On every payload with a visual or a thermal payload you can add the optional set of sniffers to detect the presence of gases in the area.

ATEX Zone 2 (Certification in progress)

The PrecisionScoutEx is the ATEX version of the PrecisionScout. This system can be deployed in areas with atmospheres that are potentially explosive.

areal drone industrial data avular

Scheduled Maintenance Plan

The scheduled maintenance program is a service that ensures the continued airworthiness of your drone. Our qualified Avular engineers will inspect, maintain and update all Avular drones.