Avular Rebrand

Rebranding Avular

2019 has been a year of growth for Avular; a bigger team, a bigger office and a bigger product portfolio. We have updated our current business model – as you might have read in our interview with Innovation Origins. We have evolved from creating industrial drones only, to products, engineering and services for all sorts of mobile robotics. And there is even more to come. Because of this evolution, the old look started to feel outdated; it was time for a change.

As the very essence of our business changed, our brand redesign too goes beyond skin-deep. The rebranding process began from the core of our being; our vision, mission and values. Before we started cutting into design and logos, we had a closer look at all that defines who we are.

Brand personality values

Our brand personality values inspire us, they make us thrive. We believe mobile robotics will improve our lives on a global scale and by everyone access to the world of mobile robotics, we contribute to that vision. Our brand personality values reflect how we realize our vision.

Agile, Innovative, Premium, Trustworthy, Accessible.

With a small team of two, we designed the new visual brand identity completely in-house. Our design goal was to radiate these values to our outwards expressions.

Our logo is the first visual cue and the symbol of our personality. Since our founding in 2014, we had used several logos that all represented a drone. Obviously, that needed to change too. The new Avular logo is created with care and eye for detail. All dimensions, proportions and ratio are just right. The 30 degrees angle is iconic and used for other style elements as well. Some people would call it overdoing, we call it perfection.

The Avular logo represents the combination of analog and digital signals; the fading borders between online and offline; the co-creation between software and hardware. And that is exactly what we do. We cross over between different professions to make (building) mobile robotics accessible for everyone. That is our mission.

The tagline

Our new visual identity integrates seamlessly with our new tagline;

“Building Imagination”.

“Building Imagination” symbolizes the spirit of our brand. It represents the power of creativity and technical knowledge, with which we can build anything imaginable together. It represents us pushing the boundaries of current innovation and recognizing opportunities. This drives us to succeed by creating value for our customers and providing a solution for their specific needs, problems and questions.

That is why you will be seeing a lot of new things in our communication channels and products. We hope you love it just as much as we do.

Photography: Maarten van Apeldoorn