Sometimes, bigger is better

This is the second phase of our project with Hadek Protective Systems. Earlier, the first phase of the project was finished - you can read more about the first phase here.

The design of the drone is based on our Vertex drone platform. We have altered the design for the specific purpose of inspecting the walls of the inside of chimneys.

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Publication PetaCrunch: Avular achievements and plans

In 2014 Avular started with a team of three, we now have a multi-disciplinary team of 20. Avular is growing in a fast pace and our product portfolio is growing with us. Reason enough for PetaCrunch to interview our CEO and founder Albert Maas to talk about Avular's achievements so far and plans for the future.

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Lighting measuring rover for stadiums Rugby World Cup

Together with Signify (former Philips Lighting), we have developed a Rover for lighting measuring purposes for stadiums.

The first Signify Rover is demonstrated at two stadiums in Japan: Kobe Misaku Stadium in Kobe and Toyota Stadium in Aichi. Both stadiums will be used during the world’s biggest rugby tournament: The Rugby World cup 2019.

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Reducing risks and amping up speed!

Together with Hadek Protective Systems, we have created a new special purpose drone, designed to fly autonomously to inspect industrial chimneys faster and better.

Hadek is the expert on power plant chimneys. They came to Avular to help them make chimney inspections easier, faster and safer. Smart move, because we have just the right tools to help them: our Vertex drone platform and a team of highly-skilled engineers.

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The Sound Seeing Quadcopter

Avular and Sorama have teamed up to develop a flying sound camera; an innovative system to detect deviations and defects in technical installations.

Industrial installations get bigger and bigger, and smart technology gets better and better. Enough reason for Avular and Sorama to team up and combine both companies’ technologies and expertise to provide a solution for these installations.

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Avular for Smart Tooling

For the Smart Tooling project, we’re creating more reliable and safer drone inspections outdoor – in this case for chemical installations specifically. Together with 18 project partners, we’ve been working on the Smart Tooling project for almost three years. Time to give you an update!

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