Robotic Software


The entire Avular product portfolio works together with Cerebra; our in-house developed software to program and monitor your mobile robotics. The software package is designed based on our many years of experience and consists of multiple products, together offering a solution for companies that want to implement mobile robotics into their business in a user-friendly way. Cerebra’s products are:

Cerebra Studio | our intuitive GUI desktop application to program. configure and tune your Avular Prime.

Cerebra ArtOS | Avular’s own operating system, which forms the bridge between the hardware components and software tools.

Cerebra Code Shop | yet to be launched online webstore with pre-built control blocks and drivers that are ready to use with the Avular MATLAB Toolchain . The Code Shop will be available for users of Cerebra Pro only.

Cerebra Supervisor | yet to be launched administration portal where admins can manage their Cerebra teams and licenses. Supervisor will be available for users of Cerebra Pro only.

Cerebra Studio;
Intuitive software with
tight hardware integration

Cerebra Studio is Avular’s intuitive software package, that enables an easy way of working with the hardware. In this graphical environment, the control application is organized more intuitively than text-based programming. With Cerebra Studio, you program, monitor and tune your stack. You can program your Prime whilst monitoring your signals and control in real time in a user-friendly interactive design. With the press of a button, your model can be flashed on the robot, eliminating at least one engineer.

Matlab compatible and
integration with
existing code

Improve time-to-market and knowledge utilization for your project using Cerebra Studio and the Avular MATLAB Toolchain. Robotic control applications can be created in an intuitive graphical IDE that requires no prior programming knowledge – removing the complexities of pure text-based programming. Creation of C(++) modules in MATLAB Simulink is also possible, providing the ultimate flexibility between easy programming and full control. You can flash the resulting control model from your library in Cerebra Studio and tune your robot live, saving time and resources. Avular will continuously add new features, such as map building, mission planning, fleet management, pure C(++) codebase integration and so much more.

Seamless integration
with Avular products

Cerebra allows seamless communication and software integration with Avular hardware. You can configure the Prime, Vertex, Ranger and Avular auxiliary modules through Cerebra Studio. With the press of a button, you flash your Simulink model on the robot.

Control your Avular hardware
wirelessly with Cerebra

Communication between Cerebra and Avular hardware such as the Prime and Pioneers happens flawlessly through WIFI or USB. Bluetooth will be added later this year, including for devices you buy now. All three are integrated in the Prime to track the robot’s position, show and change its planned path or handle errors that might occur.

Cerebra Studio lets its users view their Avular device stack and calibrate Avular’s positioning systems or communicate over a long-range, high-rate datalink.

Free & Pro

Cerebra will be available in two different versions: through a free download of Cerebra Free and through a purchased license of Cerebra Pro.

Whilst Cerebra Free offers all the basic functionalities, Cerebra Pro is developed for professionals who want to take their programming and control to the next level. With Cerebra Pro, you have access to more functionalities that will be launched soon, such as pre-defined user interfaces, MATLAB External mode, Cerebra Code Shop and Cerebra Supervisor.

In 2021, we offer all our users the opportunity to try Cerebra Pro for free, for the first 12 months.

Avular MATLAB Toolchain

The Avular MATLAB toolchain consists of two parts: the Simulink target and the Avular Simulink library. The Simulink target allows Simulink to generate code for the Avular Prime and Pioneers, turning the Simulink model into an application that the Avular hardware can execute. The Avular MATLAB Toolchain enables communication with Cerebra Studio for functions such as uploading the model. The Avular Simulink library offers Simulink blocks that work with the hardware of the Prime. MATLAB doesn’t support Avular hardware by default.

Avular Simulink library

Within MATLAB, Avular opened its own library with control blocks to generate code and run it on the Prime. The blocks that are currently available are drivers for all IO and functionalities of our devices. More blocks are being developed and will contain control regarding communication, configuration, I/O, sensors, timing, utility and more advanced control blocks. These blocks enable you to gain specific mobile robotics knowledge at low-cost. We share the knowledge that we built over the years to make mobile robotics available to a wider audience.



Cerebra Studio can be downloaded (and licenses can be purchased) via the Avular website and is to be installed as a desktop application. When installed, you can use the application offline for some time and you don’t need to have access to the internet to use Cerebra studio.


Cerebra Studio is developed and designed completely in-house, by our user experience experts. Its graphical user interface is built around the principles for user-friendly and intuitive design. A new way of working is being developed, which allows customization regarding the lay-out of the monitoring windows and is fully modular, just like our Essentials. This way, you can easily adjust the dashboard and select the sensors and information that you require. This feature is supported by a Cerebra Pro license only.

Pre-defined user

Coming in 2022: Cerebra Pro. Based on years of experience within the world of mobile robotics, we hand our knowledge over to you when just getting started with Cerebra Pro, by offering a couple pre-defined user interfaces. Within these interfaces, we have included all you need for your specific robot application. Of course, you are free to adjust them to suit your application seamlessly.

Migrating code

For users with a lot of existing code, the Avular MATLAB Toolchain lets you integrate existing code with our Prime. C and C++ code can be integrated through MATLAB Simulink, while direct codebase integration with Cerebra ArtOS will be supported in future releases of Cerebra.

Compatible with
Matlab external mode

Cerebra Pro offers the possibility to link MATLAB External mode to the Prime. Change and read out variables in your MATLAB scheme running on the Prime, while the robot is moving around.