Our services are your way to develop mobile robots

without the development resources.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building and programming robots – no matter what you need, our team will find the perfect solution for you.

We can help you with anything robot-related, from an entire mobile robot platform to a custom PCB and from a tailored controller to a personalized interface. Don’t fear words like ‘custom’ here; it means we’ll create a solution specifically to your needs and that fits your budget. 

Start from scratch

We design, develop and create a customized robotic platform, starting with a blank piece of paper. We add all required functionalities and make sure the right electronics for the job can be fitted in place. We add the Avular Prime to the platform as the brains of the robot, forming the basis of the electronic system. Together we select sensors and program functionalities such as path planning. Help with safety certification requirements is provided if needed. We get your customized robotic platform delivered to your doorstep, ready to use.

Start with an Avular robot

We have developed robotic platforms that are easy to customize and tailor to customer’s needs. We can add extra sensors and functionalities, whatever is needed to meet all requirements and provide the perfect solution.

Start with an existing machine

For customers that have developed a machine already, but need Avular to turn it into a smart autonomously riding robot, we offer the opportunity to let us customize your machine. We can either use the Avular Prime or the digital control system that is already on the robot, depending on the requirements of the platform.