Custom Solutions

Tailormade Robotics

Realize your robotic breakthrough hassle-free.

With our Custom Solutions we help our customers with the (co-) development of custom drones and mobile robots.

We help customers that do not have enough resources, expertise, or capacity to develop their custom robot solution from scratch. Our solutions are always based on our in-house developed products. Depending on specific requirements we either use the Autonomy kits to turn your existing machine into a mobile robot, or we utilize the pioneer platforms to develop your specific use case.

Thanks to our in-house solutions built on ready-made products we enable a rapid realization of new robotic applications for any customer challenge.

Maintenance, and Security

Autonomous inspection robots automatically capture data about your most critical assets, improving asset lifetime, and reducing (unscheduled) downtime. In addition, worker safety improves as robots can safely work at heights and in enclosed spaces such as storage tanks and pressure vessels. Our autonomous mobile robots (ground and air) conduct regular inspection rounds, detecting anomalies and avoiding environmental hazards.


Mobile robots contribute to affordable, high-quality, and environmentally-friendly houses, commercial buildings, and infrastructure. Construction, maintenance, and demolition will be further robotized, especially heavy, dangerous, and repetitive work. This greatly improves worker health and safety. In addition, robots reduce material waste and rework.

Agriculture, Horticulture, and Landscaping

Mobile robots will play a pivotal role in securing healthy and sustainable food for the growing world-population. We envision fleets of small robots autonomously caring for crops, from soil preparations to chemical-free weeding, and from precision seeding to harvesting. And our parcs and sports fields will be maintained by robots, ensuring safe and high-quality playgrounds for all to enjoy.

Education and
(Applied) Research

Robotics will be commonplace in the near future. Our robot platforms support high-quality, inspiring, and fun education in state-of-the-art robotics. University and institutional researchers apply our robots in diverse, novel application areas, as our platforms can be customized for any new task. Our robots fully support ROS2 and MATLAB Simulink, and our powerful Linux computing platform can run any code you want, from new sensor-fusion algorithms to machine learning and AI.

Customer Use-Cases


Deep Forestry | They have requested Avular to build a drone that can autonomously navigate…

Use case

I-team global | A well-established player in the B2B cleaning industry, partnered up with Avular…


MiCart is an autonomously driving robot with integrated cutting-edge sound camera systems and artificial intelligence.

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