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With more than a decade of experience with the development of drones and robots, we know exactly how to help you. Together, we can (co-)develop your next robotic application and improve efficiency, safety, quality and much more.

Our proven track record covers multiple domains, but we focus on the markets of Agriculture & Landscaping, Construction, Utilities & Industrial Assets, and Research & Education. For more information about other domains, we ask you to get in touch with us to see how we can work together.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Perform operational tasks by adding robotic intelligence to your business case.

Implementing autonomization is crucial to keep up with the ever-growing demand for produce – needing applications that can perform their tasks independently to relieve farmers and increase efficiency. We add autonomous intelligence to your machine with the Autopilot, or develop an autonomous robot together, using our robot or drone platforms. We have a decade of experience with robots and drones specifically designed and developed for agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping applications. For years, we have been working together with professionals to improve farmers’ and groundkeeper’s efficiency, yield, safety, and environmental impact.

Building & Construction

Increase efficiency with construction robots that can perform their tasks independently.

The addition of robots to your workforce is necessary and inevitable if you want to keep up with the ever-growing demand for buildings and infrastructure. Together with our partners, we implement new robotic applications and turn their machines into robots. For years, we have been filling the gaps in available manpower, improving efficiency, quality, and safety, and reducing environmental impact, with robots and drones specifically developed for the construction industry.

Academic & Corporate Research
Boost your project with our customizable robot and drone platforms; the right tools in your research.

Researchers worldwide struggle with implementing their state-of-the-art research onto robots that are not built for it. We have made it easy for researchers, teachers, and students to work with autonomous mobile robots through our platforms: the drone platform The Vertex and the ground robot platform The Origin One. Transform your ideas into a robust, working application. With these platforms you get the opportunity to realize autonomous robotic setups in any environment.
Utilities & Industrial Assets
Automate asset monitoring and inspection by adding autonomous robots to your workforce

The lack of consistent and trustworthy data is a major problem for asset owners worldwide. Our drones and robots are widely used for inspecting assets, monitoring processes, and keeping sites secure. Have robots perform routine inspection rounds and identify anomalies, malfunctioning systems, intruders, missing safety equipment, and much more. Select your desired payloads such as pan-tilt-zoom cameras, thermal imagers, acoustic sensors, LiDARs and more, or add a custom payload supported by our intuitive SDK.

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Case Studies

Agriculture & Landscaping

Avular and Loop Robots joined forces to create an autonomous disinfection robot for specifically for arable potatoes.


An autonomous inspection robot for predictive maintenance in technical grids to secure reliable supply of electricity.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Monitoring crop growth and crop health in greenhouses using autonomous drones.