Agriculture & Landscaping

Autonomize your domain

Robotics for Agriculture & Landscaping

Perform operational tasks by adding robotic intelligence to your business case.

More autonomization is necessary to keep up with the ever-growing demand for produce – needing applications that can perform their tasks independently to relieve farmers and increase efficiency. We’re not only relieving farmers, but with preventing investment in bigger (and heavier) equipment, we are relieving the soil too. We believe in using robotics for a better world; from plant disease inspection and pesticides control to precision farming and autonomous harvesting – you name it.

We have a decade of experience with robots and drones specifically designed and developed for agriculture, horticulture, and landscaping applications. For years, we have been working together with professionals to improve farmers’ and groundkeeper’s efficiency, yield, safety, and environmental impact.

We (co-)develop new smart robots and add intelligence to your existing application, developing autonomous robots that can perform operational tasks. We take care of the robotics, so you can focus on your customers and your specific application.

Your gain using Mobile Robotics
for Agriculture & Landscaping

  • Reduced costs through less usage of water and pesticides
  • Unparalleled mobile robot experience, from prototype to commercial product
  • Fast and efficient development, integrating Avular’s off-the-shelve technologies
  • Service and support over the entire product life cycle
  • Ease-of-use; rapid integration of our solutions in your workflow
  • Better project monitoring through data gathered by robots

Automate monitoring and inspection with autonomous robots

We integrate mobile autonomy in your machine, making sure the robot goes from A to B in a safe and controlled way.

    Robots help with
  • Precision farming
  • Multi cropping
  • Pesticide reduction

Customization and integration services

  • Understand the functional requirements of your robot application
  • Help you choose the right sensors for your application
  • Integrate our best-in-class robot localization and positioning systems
  • Add our path planning and path following algorithms
  • Integrate an independent safety system
  • Connect your robot to the internet
  • Configure our User Interface
  • Provide service and support over the product’s life cycle
  • Robots work together with your own trusted systems (e.g., your intranet or cloud server)
  • Compatible with industry standards such as ISOBUS/TIM
  • Data freely available via our API
  • Can be used with farm management systems, agrirouter and other software solutions.

Specific applications

Crop protection & harvesting

Robotizing your harvesting machines allows for easy and efficient crop protection and harvesting, making your operations more cost-effective and sustainable.

Tree fertilizing

Using mobile robots for tree vertilizing is essential for minimizing the impact on the soil and optimizing efficiency.

Soil & field analysis

The Vertex One drone is perfect for soil and field analysis, allowing for e.g. weed identification and crop optimalization.

Greenhouse Crop monitoring

Increase efficiency of data gathering for crop monitoring, using the Vertex One for autonomous flight.

Our Proposition

Add autonomy
to your machine

We add autonomous intelligence to your machine with our Autopilot, or develop an autonomous robot together, using our robot or drone platforms. These are completely programmable according to your own wishes and requirements and are configurable per case, per client, and per country.

The Autopilot allows for robotizing existing equipment and include all required hardware and software, including computing power, (safety) sensors, positioning systems, internet connectivity, and autonomy software. We have an intuitive mission planner that is suitable for all agriculture and landscaping purposes; Cerebra Studio. This intuitive desktop application lets you manage and monitor your robots from anywhere in the world.

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For theAgriculture & LandscapingDomain

Aerial operations:
The Vertex One

The Vertex is the ultimate drone for data gathering in your horticulture, agriculture and landscaping application. Use it to do autonomous missions, both above outdoor fields as well as indoor in greenhouses.

Additional sensors can be easily be integrated in the Vertex, allowing you to gather the exact data you need for your application. This way, you can e.g. add specific multi or hyper spectral, air quality of fluorescence imaging sensors. Or run specialized AI algorithms to determine the health of your crops and plants. Together we can co-develop a custom Vertex for your specific application.

Case Studies

Agriculture & Landscaping

Avular and Loop Robots joined forces to create an autonomous disinfection robot for specifically for arable potatoes.

Agriculture & Landscaping

We developed a drone that can autonomously navigate in the forest, between the trees, under the canopy.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Autonomous prediction and detection of potato diseases.