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Robotics for Building & Construction

Increase efficiency with construction robots that can perform their tasks independently.

The addition of robots to your workforce is necessary and inevitable if you want to keep up with the need for improving construction and infrastructure. To relieve construction companies and increase efficiency, applications that can perform their tasks independently are a necessity. Adding intelligence to your existing application to turn it into an autonomous robot will do exactly that.

Together with our partners, we implement new robotic applications and turn their machines into robots. For years, we have been filling the gaps in available manpower, improving efficiency, quality, and safety, and reducing environmental impact, with robots and drones specifically developed for the construction industry.

Your gain using Mobile Robotics for
Building & Construction

  • Less reliance on the human workforce
  • Higher quality and increased efficiency
  • Relieving people of strenuous work and working conditions
  • Improved human health and safety
  • Safe human-robot interaction
  • Ease-of-use; rapid integration of our solutions in your workflow
  • Better project monitoring through data gathered by robots

Specific applications

Excavation and leveling

Implementing Autopilot to excavation and leveling equipment will alow for autonomous and fast results.

Autonomous demolition

Improve safety and greater efficiency, by using autonomous robots for demolition.

Road construction

Mobile asphalt cutting and rolling robots will increase efficiency and accuracy, whilst improving safety for your workers.

Ground penetrating radar

Fully robotized ground penetrating radar GPR solution can optimize data gathering and improve consistency.

Our Proposition

Automate building & construction with autonomous robots

Mobile autonomy means a machine can perform its dedicated task limited to no human intervention, thus turning it into a robot. We integrate this mobile autonomy into your machine, making sure your new robot performs its task in a safe, controlled way. For this, we use our Autopilots. Our years of experience with implementing mobile robots in the real world allow us to speed up the industrial usage of your mobile robot significantly.

Customization and
integration services

Together, we will develop the ultimate autonomous robot for your application. This starts with combining your requirements with our robotic knowledge. We will take care of getting the robot safely from A to B, meaning: its positioning, path planning and path following, selection and integration of the safety system and the integration of autonomous movement. After successful demonstration, we will define and plan for industrialization, based on your requirements.


  • Robots work together with your own trusted systems (e.g., your intranet connection)
  • Data freely available via API
  • Robots’ exact location can be coupled to any data system
  • System integrates with fleet management systems.


We add autonomous intelligence to your machine with our Autopilot, or develop a machine together, which can also be based on our robot or drone platforms. These are completely programmable according to your own wishes and requirements and are configurable per case, per site and per country.

The Autopilot allows for robotizing existing applications, including computing platform, (safety) sensors, positioning systems and autonomy software. We have an intuitive mission planner that is suitable for all construction purposes; Cerebra Studio. This intuitive desktop application lets you program and monitor your robots.

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Case Studies

Agriculture & Landscaping

Avular and Loop Robots joined forces to create an autonomous disinfection robot for specifically for arable potatoes.


An autonomous inspection robot for predictive maintenance in technical grids to secure reliable supply of electricity.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Monitoring crop growth and crop health in greenhouses using autonomous drones.