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Elevate your project

Robotics for Academic & Corporate Research

Boost your project with our customizable robot and drone platforms; the right tools in your research.

Researchers worldwide struggle with implementing their state-of-the-art research to robots that are not built for it. The lack of open, modular, and robust robots prevents them from focusing on their research. And that is exactly why we developed our robotic platforms – so researchers can focus on what they do best.

We have made it easy for researchers, teachers, and students to work with autonomous mobile robots through our platforms: the drone platform The Vertex and the ground robot platform The Origin.

Your gain using mobile robotics for
Academic & Corporate Research

  • Plug-and-play
  • Safe human-robot interaction
  • Robust and industrialized for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Modular and customizable in hardware and software
  • Full autonomy available – though adaptable with your custom algorithms
  • ROS 2-compatible

Elevate your research

The Vertex and The Origin are the robotic platforms to boost your project and provide the right tools in your research.

Adapt the platforms to your specific needs for implementing and testing your applied research. Their modularity allow to easily add e.g., a 3D LiDAR or other sensor, but also allows you to implement your own path planner, world model or full autonomy software stack.

Proven in the field and used by many


An autonomous inspection robot for predictive maintenance in technical grids to secure reliable supply of electricity.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Avular and Loop Robots joined forces to create an autonomous disinfection robot for specifically for arable potatoes.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Monitoring crop growth and crop health in greenhouses using autonomous drones.

Our proposition

Transform your ideas into a robust, working application, without having to worry about the actual implementation. Focus on your actual applied research and analyzing the gathered data, using our robot platforms with autonomous positioning. Or conduct research for the autonomous navigation of the robot yourself, using only our hardware and drivers, and develop the autonomy algorithms yourself.

With these platforms you get the opportunity to realize autonomous robotic setups in any environment. Both ROS 2-compatible platforms are fully modular, and their customizability allows you to specify exactly how you want to use the platforms – with our autonomy, or (partially) with your own sensors or autonomy algorithms!

Whether you are looking for a drone platform (The Vertex) or ground robot platform (The Origin), both are fully operational for indoor and outdoor applied research, with different available localization options.

Ground operations:
The Origin One

The Origin is a driving robot platform that is the perfect driving robotic platform to elevate your project. It is equipped with an Nvidia Jetson Orin, a real-time computer and default (perception) sensors. This allows you to work with our autonomy right out of the box, or conduct your own research on autonomous driving.

Arial operations:
The Vertex One

The Vertex is a drone platform that is built in an open-access way, making it ideal for corporate and academic research projects. It is equipped with an Nvidia Jetson Orin NX high-performance compute platform for enough computing power for your research. Easily attach our sensors and use our autonomy or add your own hardware and software in a plug-and-play matter.

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Cerebra Studio

Our platforms can easily be programmed, configured, tuned, and monitored with Cerebra Studio. This in-house developed GUI desktop application allows users to easily work with the robots in seamless way.


All our robots speak the same language: ROS 2. This enables you to speed up your development and make use of open-source libraries for e.g., control and perception. Of course, our in-house developed autonomy software is also ROS 2 compatible and can seamlessly integrate with your own software setup.

Specific applications

Prototypes and experiments

Rapidly create new robots for your application, without having to worry about how moves through space.

AI and Machine Learning

Bring your AI and Machine Learning algorithms to mobile robots and into the real world

Robot interactions

Add a robot arm and create new applications where robots manipulate the environment

Drone and robot swarming

Have drones and ground robots work together to achieve more complex tasks