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Implementation phases

With more than a decade of robotics knowledge, we will rapidly establish your new autonomous application. Our approach consists of four phases, which are tailored to your situation.

Phase One:Proof of Concept

Using our pre-developed robot platforms or
your existing machine, we can quickly realize
one or more proof of concepts to test your
application in real-world environments.

Phase Two:Pilots

Our second step is to develop a fully functional prototype to run your first technical
and commercial pilots. By the end of this phase, you have your first commercial
traction with a thoroughly tested robot application.

Phase Three:Commercial launch

Incorporating the results from the proof of concept and pilot phases, we will jointly
create a first series of robots that will be sold to real customers. In this phase,
we support you and your sales teams with the exciting launch of your new proposition.

Phase Four:Mass deployment

It is time to scale up sales and production. Whilst we help you get your global sales teams ready;
we will jointly implement more cost-efficient production methods to bring down the robot’s costs.
Your robot is now an integral part of your business, putting you on the map as a frontrunner in your industry.

Steps to success

  • 1.Get in touch
    We will contact you within 48 hours to plan an introduction.
  • 2.Introduction
    Introduction with our domain expert to understand your desired robot application.
  • 3.Budget
    We will prepare a first budget indication.
  • 4.Requirements meeting
    An on-site work session to dive deeper into your commercial and technical requirements and timelines.
  • 5.Workplan
    We prepare a detailed workplan and estimate time and material costs.
  • 6.Start of implementation project
    We keep you updated on the project progress and budget, abiding our rule: no unpleasant surprises.
  • 7.Success!
    As we progress, you become the frontrunner in your industry.

Are your ready? Let’s start

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Case Studies

Agriculture & Landscaping

Avular and Loop Robots joined forces to create an autonomous disinfection robot for specifically for arable potatoes.


An autonomous inspection robot for predictive maintenance in technical grids to secure reliable supply of electricity.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Monitoring crop growth and crop health in greenhouses using autonomous drones.