The Avular Essentials

The essentials are electronic devices to gather a robot’s sensor data, process and communicate data, and drive actuators.

It’s a complex concept, gathered into one clean looking product range; the Essentials. The goal of the Essentials is to create the building blocks for mobile robots, for companies to (co-)develop their own mobile robotic solution with. With these products, any machine can be turned into a robot; the Essentials create autonomy for electronic devices. The concept consists of two layers:

  1. The outer layer; modular hardware made of lightweight and compact hardware, making them easy to implement into existing hardware.
  2. The inner layer; where we combine hardware and software; as coding forms the basis of all robotics.

The Essentials are the building blocks for mobile robotics.

Avular develops all the tools you need to start building your imagination of mobile robotics.

We develop the Essentials to make building mobile robotics accessible to everyone. Including several products, the Essentials provide the basics you need to build any mobile robot. You no longer need to spend time and resources to come up with robust basics; we got you covered.

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The first products of the Essentials will be launched in May 2021. 

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