MATLAB Coders meetup

MATLAB Coders meetup at Avular

On Tuesday the 26th of November, 2019, Avular’s headquarters were turned into a lecture hall for the MATLAB Coders Meetup.

The event focussed on sharing how different people use MATLAB/Simulink to solve technical problems with presentations about: Profiling with the Simulink Embedded Coder, C/C++ code integration with Simulink and coder tools and Simulink code generation in PRodrive Motion Platform.

1. Welcome – Albert Maas, CEO of Avular. Who gave an introduction to Avular’s business model

2. Profiling with the Simulink Embedded coder – Pasquale van Heumen who is Electrical Engineer at Avular.

The embedded coder is often used to implement application that demands some form of real-time requirement. In order to effectively design and implement systems that meet these requirements, regular profiling is essential. Mathworks provide methods to integrate this profiling workflow in the code generation process.

In this talk Pasquale showed some of the possibilities for profiling your generated code.

3. C/C++ code integration with Simulink and Coder Tools – Co Melissant from MonkeyProof Solutions.

Typically, not all software in a project or product is generated from Simulink models. Therefore, integration of existing C/C++ code with generated code is often required. One approach is based on a well-maintained interface layer. Within this layer, tool limitations can be mitigated but restrict flexibility. Another approach is a full integration of existing datatypes removing the need for extra interface layers. The latter gives more flexibility in switching between code generated from Simulink and code from other sources for individual (sub-)components. The question is whether this approach is feasible – is full integration of existing datatypes achievable? This presentation is about tackling a few of the limitations Simulink has regarding custom C Datatypes.

4. Simulink code generation in Prodrive Motion Platform – Giel van Doren and Remon Damen from Prodrive Technologies.

Mathworks provides code generation toolboxes that can be used to generate code from MATLAB scripts and Simulink models. This talk will focus on the code generation from Simulink control loops to C++ code. At Prodrive a motion platform is realized that can load the generated code as custom blocks which are executed in real time on actual hardware. This talk will highlight the particular issues that are encountered when integrating such functionality in a platform and providing Simulink code generation to customers for. Besides the flexibility and performance required to fulfill the requirements of our customers it imposes extra requirements on testing and diagnostics.