Customized on demand

Customized, on-demand, 3D printed parts

With as little material as possible, including wiring guides, cut-outs for PCBs and with a perfect surface finish – we are not an easy customer when it comes to our 3D printed parts.

We have a base design that we can easily customize for a tailored application. The entire design process is completed in-house, where mechatronics engineers collaborate with electronic engineers and other professions to come up with the ideal design.

Equally important is the material that is used to print our designs. We work together with Materialise, who uses HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. This material is extremely light-weight, strong, aesthetic and has the surface finish we need.

You can read more about Our Way To Design Light-Weight Parts here.

Albert Maas about our 3D printing advances

“The reason we chose Materialise is because they have the material we want to print with, which is HP 3D HR PA 12, and we can rely on quality of outcome,” said Albert Maas, CEO and Founder of Avular. “We want to have the lightest weight we could possibly have, obviously because reducing weight means more airborne time.”

Thanks to the use of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, Materialise can meet Avular’s needs for customized drone parts at low volumes: “We don’t need to order our parts in high quantities,” Maas said. “We can have customized designs and prints based on the customer’s specific needs.” Avular also benefits from faster production speeds compared with their previously used technologies: “We can have it shipped by Materialise within one week,” Maas said.

Materialise’s commitment to quality, scalability, and an efficient supply chain—benefits offered by HP Digital Manufacturing Network members—make it the perfect manufacturing partner for Avular.

Click here to check out HP’s Case Study about how Avular and Materialise work with 3D printing together.