Our Story

Building Imagination

The history of Avular

Founded in 2014, Avular started as a spin-off from the Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. In the past 4 years, Avular doubled in size each year, growing to a multi-disciplinary team, enabling extensive in-house development. With our rapid growth, we’re always looking for new talents to join the team and build the future of mobile robotics together.

A team full of
talent, vision
and expertise

Our international team posseses the knowledge and skills necessary to consistenly exceed expectations for innovation and progress. Curious about the explorative minds behind our latest projects? Explore the team.

Brainport: pushing
the boundaries of
technology since
the early 1900’s.

“Innovation, renewal, acceleration. It is in Strijp-T's unique DNA. Philips has achieved great success and spin-offs such as NXP and ASML have arisen here. With traditionally a strong contribution to the high-tech manufacturing industry, Strijp-T is the cradle of the Brainport region.”

Why we do what we do

To create gorgeous tech that accelerates the creation of mobile robots which shape a brighter future for all.

We believe mobile robotics will help making the world a better place and by enabling everyone access to the world of mobile robotics, we contribute to this process by making it easier to build a mobile robot specific to your needs, provide help with development and offer the possibility to build one for you if you don’t have access to the necessary resources. From engineering services to ready-to-use products and everything in between.

How we do it - Our core values

Driven by curiosityWe explore the unknown

Our imagination drives us to look beyond what we see and explore new possibilities. We are passionate and curious, and therefore continuously learn and develop ourselves. Fueled by our everlasting search for knowledge and innovative technology in and beyond our discipline, we continuously seek to bring the latest concepts to the market.​

Deliver desire

We deliver high quality, future proof, modular products minimizing resource usage while keeping the innovation potential high. We use the art of desirability by combining tech & design, giving our products a strong look and feel to create excitement when interacting with them. We seek to deeply understand our customer’s needs and challenges, and thereby strive to deliver solutions beyond expectations.​

In it to win it

Our ambitious are ever skyrocketing, we want to be amongst the very best in everything that we do. Driven to win we will solve our challenges along the road, no matter their complexity. We take ownership, we give our best and it is only done when it is done.​

A tribe, we are

We put our people first and we light each other in spirit, imagination and strengths. Everyone can be their true selves, grow and learn from their mistakes. We create freedom of imagination, a good idea is a good idea, no matter where it comes from.​

Living our purpose

Our curious nature and desire to deliver, combined with our drive to win and good hearts, makes us an unstoppable trive of people that are living our purpose: To create gorgeous tech that accelerates the creation of mobile robots which shape a brighter future for all.​

Want to be part of our journey?

Check out our vacancies! Your next adventure could be just around the corner. We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join the team so don’t be shy.


Internship – Visual Content | Become part of our Marketing Team and learn how to create top-notch content in an innovative environment!


Stagiair Facility Management  | Doe mee aan de pret bij Avular, waar innovatie eindeloze mogelijkheden biedt! Duik in de opwindende wereld van Facility Management als stagiair...


Internship – Engineering | Are you an engineering student with a passion for cutting-edge technology and an interest in robotics?