The Pioneers

Ready-to-go robots

Realize your own mobile application

without developing an entire robot

The Pioneers enable our customers to apply their unique value proposition on a mobile robot, without having to invest in development and resources to build the robot. Easy and accessible, without the development hassle.

The diversity of problems that could be solved using (mobile) robotics is large. Avular is striving to make (building) mobile robotics accessible to everyone, and herewith contribute to developing more mobile robotic solutions. 

Customize a robot

with your expertise.

For every business case

With the Avular Pioneers, everyone can tackle a business case with mobile robots.          

The Pioneers are built with our Essentials and equipped with all the hardware needed to make a robot mobile. They can easily be customized with customer’s expertise such as sensors and actuators, to create the perfect robot for the job. Customers can create a completely configured system for their specific task, so they do not have to start from scratch.

The Vertex

The Vertex is the ultimate drone platform to develop new applications with. The platform is built in an open, easy-to-access way, which enables our customers to fully customize the drone if desired.

The Vertex is perfect for customers that want more than a simple standard drone. From autonomous flying to adding new, customer-specific sensors and from generating data to path planning – this is where the Vertex shines.

From head to toe

The Avular Pioneers are designed from head to toe. Starting with robust hardware, based on our experience with mobile robots, designed in 3D. With optimized electronics, the Avular Prime and the best software programming, these platforms are ready for customers to customize them. We have incorporated all our knowledge into these platforms, enabling our customers to work time efficiently and save on resources.


but fully flexible

The Pioneers are equipped with the Avular Prime. The Prime is tuned by us, so our customers will not need any control engineers for optimization. All software blocks are working and tuned for that mobile platform specifically. It is ready to be used, ready to move. The only thing that needs to be done, are adding the sensors and actuators that are required for this specific project, often the customer’s expertise.

Do you wish to change the tuning of the path planning or perhaps implement and test a new piece of low-level or supervisory control software? No problem. Our mobile platforms allow you access on all levels, so you can either use the pre-tuned controllers, or start from a completely white piece of paper. You can also replace just a part of the pre-tuned blocks; all options are open!

Full access

The Rugged IO Prime is used in high-end applications and built with the strongest, most robust components. The (INSERT CONNECTOR MODEL HERE) connectors ensure that the Rugged IO Prime can also be used in applications that require a high number of mating cycles, such as specialty measurement devices. The Rugged IO Prime has water resistant connectors and modules (IP67). It is compatible with existing hardware and can easily interface through popular protocols such as Modbus, RS485 and CAN.