Avular’s bold move to be Europe’s challenger of US and Chinese mobile robot giants.

Where once was the cradle of glass innovation for many products that changed people’s lives, now emerges a scale-up with the potential to do the same; Avular. This mobile robotics specialist aims to have over a million Avular-powered robots in the field by 2030, to shape a brighter future for all. A new headquarters is the next step necessary as it provides the right infrastructure to further scale up and meet market demand. In the fall of 2023, Avular will move to their new home: the former glass laboratory at Strijp-T in the heart of Eindhoven. As you enter their new building, you feel their ambition. The energy. The innovation. The potential to walk among giants. And the firm belief in the world-changing capabilities of mobile robots. 

State-of-the-art robotics to solve the world’s toughest challenges.

The world needs that change. Our society is facing considerable challenges: massive labor shortages, rapidly worsening climate change, unaffordable and deficient healthcare as our society ages, and declining food security worldwide, amongst others. Mobile robots will play a key role in tackling these challenges – playing a significant role in achieving this has always been the purpose of Avular. The company’s aim is to develop the best technology and products needed for robotization across industries and making robots accessible to everyone. They do so with a versatile product portfolio. This includes their proprietary autonomy software, using state-of-the-art world modeling, sensor fusion, AI, and robotic behavior algorithms. In addition, Avular develops drones and driving robots from scratch as integrated products. Doing this in-house allows for full control of every step of the process, always safeguarding the quality and security of their robots. The company closely collaborates with the place where it all began: the Eindhoven University of Technology. This leading university in robotics proves its expertise as a 6-time world-champion in robot soccer.

European technology, data security and quality.

It is no coincidence that the company has chosen to stay in Eindhoven to scale up, as it is praised as one of the most innovative cities in Europe and was awarded smartest region in the world. The region holds the unique mix of cutting-edge system design and high-tech production, driven by tech companies such as ASML, a world-class university in robotics technology and a globally leading academies on design. Avular is bringing this unique mix of technology, manufacturing, and design to the world of mobile robotics. “Europe is falling behind. We see major investments in robotics in the USA and China, but there are no considerable players yet here in Europe. We have so much to offer: the best technology, data security and product quality in the world. With the move to our new HQ, we can continue to grow and get ready to become Europe’s frontrunner in the world of mobile robotics.” Says Albert Maas, Founder and CEO of Avular.

The most high-tech robotics hub in Europe.

Where liquid glass once flowed, drones will now fly in Europe’s largest indoor drone testing cage (1800 m3), while robots drive in both indoor and outdoor testing areas. Avular will move to their new home in the fall of 2023. It does not only provide plenty of space for the development of new robots and the whole team (6500 m2), it also perfectly fits the ambition of the company. This new nerve center for Avular is not just an office space, but a hub of innovation and creativity that goes beyond company borders. A place where cutting-edge technology meets human ingenuity to shape the future of mobile robots through collaboration between companies, researchers, and governments. And that with plenty of space for 300 employees and a grand auditorium to welcome and inspire more than 250 visitors. The fact that the young company has been entrusted with this iconic building, speaks volumes about the collective belief that they will become a leading player in the mobile robotics business.

Revolutionizing the world of mobile robotics.

The company has the firm support of the Lumipol Group, an investor of several leading, internationally operating technology companies. Lumipol shares the vision that mobile robotics will help solve the world’s most difficult problems. “We are always looking for companies that support our mission, which is “Powering the World.” Avular is no exception. The level of maturity the company has achieved in the past five years gives us the reason to believe they will really revolutionize the world of robotics,” Tom Krieckaert, CEO of Lumipol Group. 

Avular knows mobile robots will directly solve labor shortages in many industries and this is exactly where their ground-breaking technology will flourish. They believe robots will work alongside personnel, do simple tasks, and take some of the pressure off. This way, people can focus on more complex and demanding tasks where creativity and a human touch are needed. This will relieve the strain on our healthcare and ensure proper inspection and maintenance of our energy infrastructure to enable a world based on sustainable energy resources. In addition, mobile robots will enable sustainable solutions such as precision farming, multi cropping and miniaturization of machines, to reduce the footprint we have on the Earth. This way mobile robots create a path towards solving the world’s toughest challenges and Avular plans to play a key role in creating these solutions.

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About Avular

Founded in 2014, Avular is currently based in Strijp-T at the heart of Brainport, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Avular, a pioneer in the world of mobile robotics, is a young and ambitious company with a clear purpose: ‘With gorgeous tech, we accelerate the creation of mobile robotic applications, that shape a brighter future for all.’ 

The company’s current portfolio consists of a ground robot: The Origin One (for indoor and outdoor applications), a drone: The Vertex One, and Autopilots; modular hardware and software solutions for the robotization of any machine. Their edge comes from fully in-house designed integrated products, state-of-the-art autonomy software and European quality and security. Avular operates in the domains of Utilities & Industrial Assets, Construction, Agriculture & Landscaping and Academic & Corporate Research. Since its beginning, the company has grown exponentially, currently consisting of a multidisciplinary team of 75 robotics professionals enabling extensive in-house development. In the coming 5 years the company expects to grow to a team of 300+.