Smart Tooling

Avular for Smart Tooling

For the Smart Tooling project, we’re creating more reliable and safer drone inspections outdoor – in this case for chemical installations specifically. Together with 18 project partners, we’ve been working on the Smart Tooling project for almost three years. Time to give you an update!

Smart Tooling is a European project for Interreg Flanders-The Netherlands. With this project several partners are working together to develop robotic technologies, supported by Interreg Flanders-The Netherlands, service providers and several middle to small businesses. Together, we’re working cost-efficient on the development of indoor and outdoor flying drones.

Outdoor flying

With the development of outdoor flying drones, we’re aiming for more reliable and safer inspections of chemical installations. Using Avular technologies, we make it easier and faster to detect and treat corrosion problems.

Our project partner Airobot has developed collision prevention, geo-fencing technologies and a system to plan safe inspection flights. We have installed those systems on our Aerial Curiosity drone and use the MATLAB Simulink library to write and log control software to get the drone flying. It also enables us to view live flight data.

The drone is currently flying with an in-house developed flight controller. The controller has added translation from GPS coordinates to local XYZ coordinates to enable 3D tracking.

Up next: implementing a flight plan to test outdoor flying at project partner SPIE. The project will end May 31st 2020.