Hadek phase 2

Sometimes, bigger is better

This is the second phase of our project with Hadek Protective Systems. Earlier, the first phase of the project was finished – you can read more about the first phase here.

The design of the drone is based on our Vertex drone platform. We have altered the design for the specific purpose of inspecting the walls of the inside of chimneys.



– 780x780x325mm (LxWxH) including props

– Lidar

– Barometer


– Camera Module

– Graphical User Interface

Compared to an original Vertex, this drone is much stronger, bigger and heavier-equipped. We have added a camera module and localization based on LiDar, barometer and IMU. There’s wireless communication between the camera module and a ground station, so it’s possible to establish a live-stream. It even has a simple Graphical User Interface, so it’s a pleasure to work with the drone.