Avular Spectrum localization system

The Avular Spectrum system uses ultra-wideband technology and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its beacons function as satellites, communicating with the mobile robot. By measuring the travel time of the signals, the robot can calculate its distance from the beacons and therefore its position. It is accurate up to 20 centimetres without needing line of sight.

Fleet compatible

Spectrum can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its range is around 80 to 100 meters, so our customers don’t need many beacons to get a location covered. The number of beacons can easily be scaled up and there is no maximum to that. The number of coupled mobile robots can also be scaled up, making it possible to use it as a navigation system for a robotic fleet.

Suitable everywhere

The Spectrum system uses ultra-wideband technology to communicate with beacons, it can ‘see’ around corners and through objects. This means it can operate beyond line of sight and that makes Spectrum suitable for every application. A minimum of 3 beacons is needed for a 2D position of the robot and a minimum of 6 beacons is ideal for 3D mapping. The beacons are mobile and can be (re)placed.

Combine systems

Since every navigation system is developed for specific purposes, customers might want to combine some systems to gain all advantages and skip their limitations. That is possible with all Avular navigation systems, but also with third-party products. For example, combine our Stellar, Starling and Spectrum to navigate a mobile robot both indoors and outdoors.


The Spectrum beacons can measure and calibrate their own positions automatically. Simply place the beacons, open Avular Cerebra and select ‘auto-calibrate’.

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Avular UWB spectrum system