Origin One

Autonomous inspection

The Avular Inspection Solution

How autonomous inspection robots
can elevate your business

  • Improve worker, asset, and environmental safety
  • Increase asset reliability and up-time through predictive maintenance based on more frequent and reliable data
  • Mitigate labor shortages
  • Increase process control, quality, and compliance
  • Reduce time between occurrence of an event and its detection

Inspection solution

  • Robust autonomous robot for both in and outdoor areas
  • Docking station for self-charging
  • Cerebra for remote monitoring and mission planning
  • API to upload data to your systems
  • Full implementation support


  • Designed for autonomous missions in tough industrial environments
  • Long range due to high capacity batteries
  • Reliable and redundant navigation based on proprietary autonomy
  • Weather and dust resistant
  • Can easily be customized for your specific application

Sensor stack
Gathering your data

    Range of payloads available*:
  • SV600 Fluke Acoustic imager
  • TV30 Fluke Thermal camera
  • Zoom camera
*Other sensors available upon request
Origin One

The Origin One is the ultimate ground vehicle on which you can effortlessly develop new applications. It is plug-and-play, so you can focus on your novel application, not having to worry about how your robot moves through the environment.


The Exclusive Acoustic Inspection Trials

Are you looking for a solution to routinely inspect or monitor your industrial assets in a cost-effective way?

Find your gas leaks, pressured air leaks or partial discharge through daily robot operator rounds in any indoor and outdoor environment.

Make use of this limited offer to become one of the eight frontrunners to trial Avular’s autonomous ground robot The Origin One, carrying Fluke’s unique acoustic imaging system: the SV600 in just 5 steps.


Announcement of the eight frontrunners to participate.

Jul '23

With workshops, we get to understrand your specfic inspection challenges.

Aug-Sep '23

Including: dock, data connector, setting up inspection missions, and operational training.

Oct-Dec '23

Running autonomous operations with Avular support.

Jan-Mar '24

Evaluations of the trials, further refinement and scaling.

Apr '24Exp. Time

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