Origin One

Autonomous inspection

The Avular Inspection Solution

How autonomous inspection robots
can elevate your business

  • Improve worker, asset, and environmental safety
  • Increase asset reliability and up-time through predictive maintenance based on more frequent and reliable data
  • Mitigate labor shortages
  • Increase process control, quality, and compliance
  • Reduce time between occurrence of an event and its detection

Inspection solution

  • Robust autonomous robot for both in and outdoor areas
  • Docking station for self-charging
  • Cerebra for remote monitoring and mission planning
  • API to upload data to your systems
  • Full implementation support


  • Designed for autonomous missions in tough industrial environments
  • Long range due to high capacity batteries
  • Reliable and redundant navigation based on proprietary autonomy
  • Weather and dust resistant
  • Can easily be customized for your specific application

Sensor stack
Gathering your data

    Range of payloads available*:
  • SV600 Fluke Acoustic imager
  • TV30 Fluke Thermal camera
  • Zoom camera
*Other sensors available upon request
Origin One

The Origin One is the ultimate ground vehicle on which you can effortlessly develop new applications. It is plug-and-play, so you can focus on your novel application, not having to worry about how your robot moves through the environment.

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