Realize your robotic breakthrough


We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building and programming robots – no matter what you need, our team will find the perfect solution for you.


We can help you with anything robot-related, from an entire mobile robot platform to a custom PCB and from a tailored controller to a personalized interface. Don’t fear words like ‘custom’ here; it means we’ll create a solution specifically to your needs and that fits your budget. 

Our services are your way to implement

mobile robotics in your business, without needing expensive developers.

Using our in-house developed technologies, we are able to offer our customers innovative robotics at a competitive price. We have created the essential technologies to develop location-aware and autonomously moving robots completely in-house and this enables us to always keep the development process going. The knowledge this process delivers enables improved robustness and reduced development time for customer projects. This enables us to constantly keep improving and keep pushing the boundaries of current innovation.

We’ve listed down our services for you – based on the most common requests. But if there’s anything else you would like to get our help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Custom Robots

Depending on specific requirements and their starting point, there are different ways we can develop a custom robotic solution for our customers. Whether you already have developed your own robotic platform and need us to turn it into a smart autonomous robot, or you have to start from scratch.

Custom PCBs

We can develop PCBs for you, customized to your needs. Whether that’s completely integrated into your own board, or keeping it separately. We place the Prime on your PCB, saving you not only costs but also space on your mobile robot.