Exploration Prime


The Prime Exploration is perfect for cost-saving prototyping and low-budget experimenting. Its housing is made using injection molding with PC/ABS compounds, enforced with 30% glass-fiber.

The Prime Exploration has an interchangeable bridge for connectors with which you can choose what kind of connectors suit your application best. There are currently two standard variants of these bridges. The first variant is equipped with the on-demand JST GH series connectors. The second bridge has terminal blocks for connections, which is convenient to tailor to your needs.


The Exploration Prime comes with a bridge of choice, a power cable, a USB-C cable and an antenna.

Additional information


50 x 92 x 80 mm


200 gr

Housing material

PC/ABS + GF 30%

IP rating




Digital inputs

Up to 6

Digital outputs

Up to 10

Analog inputs

Up to 4

Analog outputs

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