Use Case

I-team global

I-team global, a well-established player in the B2B cleaning industry, partnered up with Avular to jointly develop state-of-the-art autonomous cleaning machines. The first result of this partnership, the cobotic-65  is ready to enter the European market.

Avular has developed and integrated a fully autonomous operation system to i-team’s existing i-drive 65, a previously manually operated machine. By using the Avular Prime and the companioning Cerebra Studio software tool the typical development time is drastically reduced, due to the flexibly, modularity and ease of use.

The cobotic-65 is a fully autonomous industrial scrubber-drying machine. The machine is able to clean the large floor areas autonomously and thereby liberates the cleaning staff to focus on cleaning the more important contact zones, like tables, door handles and guardrails.

Avular developed the hardware and software associated to the autonomous operation of the machine fully in-house. This includes the development of:

  • System architecture:

A solid system architecture the is basis of every robot. After careful consideration, both technical and economical,  an architecture of systems, components and software is orchestrated consisting of custom developed technologies and readily available technologies.  

  • Software handling of complex sensor data:

Most times, economic viability of a mobile robot hinges around its ability to operate in a wide range of environments. Robust and reliable environmental perception is a necessity when it comes to handling different environments and use-cases.

  • Custom embedded electronics:

What can be said without jeopardising the Prime story?!

  • Clever path planning algorithms:
  • Supervisor controlling:
  • Stable and reliable software infrastructure for deployment at scale:

With this, the project with i-team is the perfect example of the broad and exhaustive expertise of Avular in bringing mobile robots into the real world.

Besides the technical expertise, we always help our clients in exploring and validating the practical and economic feasibly behind the deployment of mobile robots. By partnering up and guaranteeing an attractive business case for the involved stakeholder we have build a long-lasting relationship that extends beyond the sole technical development of the cobotic-65.