Vertex 94

Flying platforms

The ultimate drone platform
to develop new aerial applications

The Vertex is the ultimate drone platform to develop new applications with. The platform is built in an open, easy-to-access way, which enables our customers to fully customize the drone if desired.

The Vertex is perfect for customers that want more than a simple standard drone. From autonomous flying to adding new, customer-specific sensors and from generating data to path planning – this is where the Avular Vertex shines like no other.


Vertex 94
Start creating your
drone business case

Our flying platform for a wide variety of aerial business cases. Fully customizable but still reliable.

Your custom

Vertex 94

With the Vertex 94 you can start creating your project, or you can choose to team-up with the Avular team. We enable our customers with the highly capable drone platform, but also with our engineering knowledge to kick start your business case