The Vertex is the ultimate drone platform to develop new applications with. The platform is built in an open, easy-to-access way, which enables our customers to fully customize the drone if desired.       

The Vertex is perfect for customers that want more than a simple standard drone. From autonomous flying to adding new, customer-specific sensors and from generating data to path planning – this is where the Avular Vertex shines like no other.

Easy to


The Vertex is designed to be a drone that is suitable for every drone purpose, for every customer looking for a flying solution. Easily attach new hardware such as LEDs, sensors or actuators. The Vertex enables drone applications for companies that don’t have the resources to build a drone themselves, but cannot work with closed and limited-functionality drones currently available in the market. Our customers can add their expertise to the drone, turning it into a solution to their specific problem. Its open structure allows measurements to be read and exported, so it can be compared to and integrated with existing data.


From the design table to the sky

The drone in its entirety is designed and developed in-house by our multi-disciplinary team. From mechanical designing to software and electrical engineering to eventually control technique. Avular has years of extensive knowledge about drones and control for mobile robotics, which is bundled together in the Vertex.







Unlike many other drones on the market, the Vertex is exceptionally good at autonomous indoor flying. Of course, the Vertex can be used for outdoor applications as well. Even flying autonomously from outdoor to indoor is no problem for the Vertex

Scalable design

Because the drone is made in a modular way, the drone can easily be upscaled towards a bigger drone, for example for heavier lifting. The processing power and software can stay the same, so only mechanical changes are necessary. With Avular Services, our team of highly-skilled engineers can make this for you. Since we know all the ins and outs of the Vertex, we work time-efficient and cost-saving.


Seamless integration navigation purposes


The Vertex seamlessly integrates with our various localization systems such as Avular Stellar and Starling. We have added the Avular Spectrum module to the Vertex. This means our customers only have to purchase the beacons of the Spectrum system. For all Avular navigation systems, the MATLAB Simulink blocks are provided as well as the binaries for ease-of-use, which makes programming more time-efficient.


3 types of Localization Systems

There are three Avular localization systems available: Stellar, Avular’s most accurate system which works with Infrared light, Spectrum, Avular’s Ultra-Wide Band system, and Starling, the Real Time Kinematic GPS system by Avular. Each is developed for specific applications.