Mobile Robotics

The foundation of Avular

We believe mobile robotics will help solve the worlds toughest challenges. That is why it is our mission to accelerate the creation of mobile robotic applications. We have developed the perfect tools to start your mobile robotic solution. To autonomize your existing machine and turn it into a robot; Avular Autopilots. Our modular drone for rapid integration of your specific sensors: The Vertex One. And our driving robots, powered by our Autopilot: The Origin One.

Card Autopilots


Robotize your existing machine or rapidly build a new mobile robot using our integral solution containing all sensors, hardware, and software needed for safe, autonomous navigation.

Card Robots


Our modular mobile robot platform. With our Autopilots inside, it enables quick development of in and outdoor robot applications.

Card Drones


Our modular drone platform. It allows for rapid integration of custom sensors and tools, and enables quick development of any (autonomous) drone application imaginable.

Robotics for Academic & Corporate Research

Robotics for
your Research

Discover the future of research with our state-of-the-art robotics and drone solutions. Designed specifically for academic and corporate research, our cutting-edge technologies empower you to delve deeper into your investigations with precision and efficiency.


your existing machine.

Our Autopilots robotize your existing vehicle with our state-of-the-art technology, today. An integral solution of everything you need for safe and autonomous navigation, including sensors, processing power and software.

Our Drones & Robots

Vertex One

The Vertex is the perfect drone to develop new aerial applications with. It enables you to customize the drone as you desire, thanks to the open and accessible way it is built. Tailor the drone platform as required or let us take care of this for you with our implementation services.

Origin One

Our robot The Origin One is the ultimate driving robot to develop new applications with. It is built in an open, easy-to-access way, to fully customize the Origin One if desired.

The uncomplicated way of working with the Origin One allows you to spend time on your specific use case.

Case Studies

Agriculture & Landscaping

Avular and Loop Robots joined forces to create an autonomous disinfection robot for specifically for arable potatoes.

Agriculture & Landscaping

We developed a drone that can autonomously navigate in the forest, between the trees, under the canopy.

Utilities & Industrial Assets

We build a new special purpose drone, designed to fly autonomously making the inspection of industrial chimneys faster, more efficient, and safer.

“Doing inspections of industrial assets such as chimneys is a costly business as any disruption in operations means extensive downtime for our clients. With the Chimney Inspection Drone based on the Vertex we can carry out inspections faster, more frequently and gather vital information in a short amount of time.”

Erik Palmen, Senior Supervisor at Hadek Protective Systems..



Interreg Smart Farming & Food Processing project: SCARECROW In certain


In today's rapidly evolving world, the impact of applied research extends far beyond the confines of laboratories and academic institutions.


Het iconische gebouw TY op Strijp-T, ook wel de ‘glaskathedraal’ genoemd, wordt momenteel omgetoverd tot workspace voor robotica- en hightech star