We are Avular,

An agile and innovative robotics company, accelerating the creation of mobile robots that shape a brighter future. We have a diverse product portfolio, but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re fully modular. This modular thinking spans across the award-winning robot-building blocks within The Essentials to our software suite Cerebra, and from our drone platform The Vertex to our rover platform The Ranger.

We are pioneering the world of mobile robotics from our HQ in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where our international team continues to push the boundaries of our imagination.

Autonomy kits

Robotize your existing machine or rapidly build a new mobile robot using our integral solution containing all sensors, hardware, and software needed for safe, autonomous navigation.


Our modular mobile robot platform. With our Autonomy kits inside, it enables quick development of in and outdoor robot applications.


Our modular drone platform. It allows for rapid integration of custom sensors and tools, and enables quick development of any (autonomous) drone application imaginable.


Use cases
for every
market segment

Whether you’re in the agriculture industry or specialize in healthcare logistics, there are numerous ways you can incorporate autonomy in your workflow. By freeing up employees for other tasks and removing human error from the equation you’re guaranteed to reap the benefits.


Robotize your machine
with the Autonomy Kits

The modular solution for the autonomous movement of your mobile robot. The Autonomy Kits robotizes your machine using our integral solution containing all sensors, hardware and software needed for safe, autonomous navigation.

Custom Solutions

With our Custom Solutions we help our customers with the (co-) development of custom drones and mobile robots.

About the
custom solutions

We help customers that do not have enough resources, expertise, or capacity to develop their custom robot solution from scratch. Depending on specific requirements and the customer's starting point, there are different ways we can develop a solution for each use case.

Customer Use-Cases


Deep Forestry | They have requested Avular to build a drone that can autonomously navigate…

Use case

I-team global | A well-established player in the B2B cleaning industry, partnered up with Avular…


MiCart is an autonomously driving robot with integrated cutting-edge sound camera systems and artificial intelligence.