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Building imagination by enabling mobile robotics

Who we are

Avular is an agile and innovative robotics company, aiming to make the world of complex mobile robotics accessible to everyone.

We make it easier to build a mobile robot specific to your needs, provide help with development and offer the possibility to build one for you if you don’t have access to the necessary resources. From engineering services to ready-to-use products and everything in between.


The essentials

We developed the Essentials to make building mobile robotics accessible to everyone. Including several products, the Essentials provide the basics you need to build any mobile robot. You no longer need to spend time and resources to come up with robust basics; we got you covered.

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Our services

We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, building and programming robots – no matter what you need, our team will find the perfect solution for you.

We can help you with anything robot-related, from an entire mobile robot platform to a custom PCB and from a tailored controller to a personalized interface. Don’t fear words like ‘custom’ here; it means we’ll create a solution specifically to your needs and that fits your budget.


Localization systems

Avular has developed localization systems for all kinds of mobile robotic applications designed to operate on land, on water or in air. For every use-case, we have a navigation solution for you.

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