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We have been developing drones ever since Avular was founded, pioneering in the world of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. With over a decade of experience, we have been deploying drones in a wide range of environments. From industrial chimneys to green houses and from construction yards to industrial plants.

Vertex One
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Our drones are built for autonomous data gathering in all our focus domains. Autonomy comes out of the box, as well as various sensors needed for inspections. They are easily customizable and equipped with the Nvidia Jetson Orin NX as high-performance compute platform and Avular’s in-house developed real-time flight controller. The highly customizable platform allows for installing, connecting, and configuring sensors and payloads specific to your use case.

Academic &
Corporate Research

Researchers worldwide struggle with implementing their state-of-the-art research onto robots that are not built for it.

We have made it easy for researchers, teachers, and students to work with autonomous mobile robots through our platforms: the drone platform The Vertex and the ground robot platform The Origin.


The Vertex is the perfect drone to develop new aerial applications with. It enables you to customize the drone as you desire, thanks to the open and accessible way it is built. Tailor the drone platform as required or let us take care of this for you with our implementation services.

The Vertex is the perfect drone to develop new autonomous aerial applications with. It enables you to customize the drone as you desire, thanks to the open and accessible way it is built. Tailor the drone platform as required or let us take care of this for you with our implementation services.

Indoor & Outdoor

The Vertex drone platform can fly both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor applications, the drone uses GPS and is optionally equipped with our in-house developed RTK-GPS system.


Add functionalities to the drone platform, by integrating sensors and payloads you need for your specific application. The Vertex is equipped with mounting holes and a range of user I/O and offers compatibility with ROS 2 API allowing for easy integration.

Flight Time

payload, The Vertex
One has a flight
time of 40+

Make it

The Vertex One is easily foldable to create minimal space constraints.


Maximum standard payload weight of The Vertex One is enough for most common applications and payloads such as powerful imaging cameras, sensors, LiDARs and infra-red cameras.

Mission support

The Vertex One supports GPS-based waypoint missions in an easy-to-use manner. Missions can be constructed using waypoints in longitude, latitude, altitude, and heading. Waypoints can be preprogrammed or fed to the flight controller from the ROS environment running on the compute module. Your missions can be planned in Cerebra Studio, such that planning a mission is simply a few clicks on the screen.

Safe & Secure

Our products are developed in The Netherlands and use a mostly European supply chain, allowing us to maintain a high level of safety and short communication lines for parts.
Security, from data acquisition to storage on your servers, is of paramount importance to us. We review our hardware and software solutions constantly to bring you the ease of mind and offer the highest level of security in the market.

Battery pack

Our high-performance Smart Battery Pack includes a battery management system and allows for transport in aircraft hand-luggage so you can easily take it with you, wherever you go.

Wide range of

The Vertex One has 2 x USB 3.0 (USB-C), 1 x RJ45 Ethernet and W-Lan I/O.

Fly Assist Features

The Vertex drone platform is not only for the development of autonomous flights. Its fly assist can support features such as obstacle avoidance, pre-programmed autonomous missions and e.g. distance keeping features, help commercial drone pilots to fly the drone manually and use it for your missions.

Technical Specifications - Vertex One
  • Type
    • Multicopter X4, with foldable arms
  • Dimensions (LxWxH)
    • Flight mode – 700 x 700 x 240 (incl. GPS antennas)
    • 700 x 700 x 200 (w/o GPS antennas)
    • Storage mode – 460 x 240 x 340 mm
  • Diameter with props
    • 97 cm
  • Flight time
    • Without payload - 40 min
    • Maximum take-off weight - 25 min
  • Weight
    • With batteries - 2850 g
    • Without batteries - 1750 g
  • Max payload
    • 650 g
    • Maximum take-off weight 3500 g

Vertex One: Bringing possibilities

Bundels and auxiliaries for the Vertex One. Expand the possibilities with these enhancements for your application.

Stellar Auxiliary

RTK Antenna Bundle
The RTK Antenna and an additional and more accurate external magnetometer enable the most accurate GPS waypoint flying.Powered by a NX series Jetson CPU, combined with an enclosed 13 MP camera, this Vertex bundle is perfect for surveying and aerial imagery.

Real Sense Auxiliary

Real-sense sensor Bundle
This Vertex bundle has a highly specialized combination of sensors for low-light surveillance in cramped environments. The Real-sense sensor tracks it height, whilst 4 LiDAR sensors point outward to keep it clear of obstacles. For ease of transport, the arms and landing gear of the Vertex for this bundle are foldable.

Vertex One
Customize it yourself

As our drone platform is built in an open and easy-to-customize way, it is easy to use the for your next Academic & Corporate Research project. The Vertex allows for rapid integration of custom sensors and tools and has a powerful computing platform (NVIDIA Jetson Orin).

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For theAcademic & Corporate ResearchDomain

Let us build a Custom
Vertex One for you

The Vertex enables quick development of any (autonomous) drone application imaginable, thanks to the open and accessible way it is built.

Let us take care of tailoring the Vertex One for you with our implementation services.

Case Studies

The Vertex has proven itself in the real world, with drones deployed for different applications.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Monitoring crop growth and crop health in greenhouses using autonomous drones.

Agriculture & Landscaping

We developed a drone that can autonomously navigate in the forest, between the trees, under the canopy.

Utilities & Industrial Assets

We build a new special purpose drone, designed to fly autonomously making the inspection of industrial chimneys faster, more efficient, and safer.