Beyond Boundaries

Beyond Boundaries: Avular’s Pioneers in Driving and Flying Robotics for Research

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the impact of applied research extends far beyond the confines of laboratories and academic institutions. Every day the influence of robotics is becoming bigger, and harder to ignore. From revolutionizing the industry to enhancing agricultural processes and beyond, robotics research holds the key to addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges by unlocking unprecedented opportunities for innovation. Still, this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the applications for mobile robots continue to expand.

At Avular, we are not just a bystander of this robotics revolution — we’re actively shaping the future. We believe in the transformative power of mobile robots to solve complex problems and enhance our lives. With expertise and passion, we’re committed to pushing boundaries and making a meaningful impact. In this blogpost, we will further share our design philosophy and introduce our R&D drone and robot platforms.

The Design Philosophy and Researcher-Centric Solutions

In the search for a mobile robotic platform researchers can struggle with the limited adaptability of off-the-shelf products when implementing cutting-edge solutions. This can be frustrating and stifle creativity, potentially forcing them to start from scratch, consuming valuable research time without the support of a robust platform. This combination of constraints delays research projects and ultimately hinders innovation in the field.

We’ve seen and identified this problem, and in fact lived through these same issues as we started developing our own robot applications. Therefore, we have created a solution for researchers in mobile robotics. Our solutions directly address the challenges of restricted adaptability and creativity faced by researchers. Our mobile robotics platforms enable simple implementation and levels of control depending on required technical depth. By offering features such as Plug-and-Play autonomy, access to ROS 2 and simulation environments, we empower researchers to accelerate their projects, reducing time spent on setting up and enabling them to focus more on the innovative aspects of their work.

These tools and adaptability to quickly get started aren’t just a feature; it’s a deliberate strategy to empower innovators in overcoming common limitations in applied research. Our products serve as catalysts for limitless possibilities, enabling researchers to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of what’s achievable.

The Vertex One: Our advanced drone platform equipped with Nvidia’s latest Orin NX computing power

The Vertex One drone platform redefines the concept of openness by offering a dynamic platform for creativity. Powered by the Nvidia Jetson Orin NX and Avular’s real-time flight controller, the Vertex One is a fully user programmable drone that provides a robust foundation for on-board processing and AI research. Researchers can decide on what level they want to control the drone, from low-level thrust to velocity and waypoint commands. With a payload capacity of one kilogram and comprehensive documentation and design files for seamless integration of your own sensors, researchers are empowered to go beyond the limits of predefined capabilities. For more technical details, please visit: Avular Drones.

The Origin One: Driving Innovation on the Ground

The Origin One stands out for its open, modular design, offering an elegant solution for researchers who want to develop new mobile robotics applications. Avular’s commitment to modularity on both hardware and software ensures that the Origin One is not just a tool for autonomous navigation; it serves as a solid foundation for innovation, making it easier for researchers to bring their unique ideas to life. Perfect for indoor & outdoor driving, with 8 hours of continuous operating time and a guaranteed payload capacity of 30kg, the Origin One is equipped to tackle research endeavors that demand endurance and robustness. The extensive user API and user guides will ensure the robot will do what you want it to do. For more technical details, please visit: Avular Robots.

Closing Thoughts

Avular’s robotics platforms represent more than just tools for data gathering and autonomous navigation. The platforms are designed with a clear focus on addressing the specific challenges researchers encounter in their pursuit of cutting-edge solutions. Whether you’re exploring sensor integration nuances or diving into advanced algorithm development, our platforms offer the flexibility and tools needed to propel your research forward. Join us in redefining the boundaries of innovation and unleashing the full potential of your research endeavors.


Tess Kolkman