The ADACORSA project focusses on delivering technical components for drone BVLOS operations at affordable prices, by adjusting components from the automotive industry.


MiCart is an autonomously driving robot with integrated cutting-edge sound camera systems and artificial intelligence.

Safe Perception and Navigation for Autonomous Robots (SPANAR)

Avular is developing a cost-efficient radar- and stereovision-based navigation system.

Smart Maintenance Labs

Together with Ronik, we developed a working prototype of a drone that has been tested in practice and achieves part of the above objectives.


We have created a new special purpose drone, designed to fly autonomously to inspect industrial chimneys faster and better.


We are working on a product that uses radar and stereovision technology for the autonomous navigation of mobile robots and drones.


In this commercial project, we had a successful pilot trial with an autonomous navigation solution for our client Vanderlande.

Smart Tooling

For the Smart Tooling project, we have created more reliable and safer drone inspections outdoor – in this case for chemical installations specifically.


Autonomous prediction and detection of potato diseases.

Blooming business

Monitoring crop growth and crop health in greenhouses using autonomous drones.


SAGA is a collaborative project to develop swarm robotics that are able to perform agricultural inspections.

Eyes and ears in the sky

Avular and Sorama have teamed up to developed a flying sound camera; an innovative system with which inspections can be executed in big, hard to reach, technical installations.

Signify Rover

Together with Signify (former Philips Lighting), we have developed a Rover for lighting measuring purposes for stadiums.

Drone safety cluster

Avular is part of a Living Lab for the development of drones, together with the TU/E. Heijmans, Skyvision Drones and Blue Jay.


The Redox CrossRoads2 project is a solution provided by Avular and Airobot, supported by the European Union, for indoor drone inspection for corrosion.