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The Vertex One and Origin One are designed with researchers, educators, and students like yourself in mind. Whether you're harnessing the power of robotics for data collection for your research, or immersing yourself in the realms of robot construction, programming, and testing, both of these robotics platforms are engineered for complete customization and seamless integration.

Vertex One

The ultimate droneFor your research

The Vertex One is the perfect drone to research aerial applications. It enables you to customize the drone as you desire, thanks to the open and accessible way it is built. With full access to the computing module, running Linux and supports ROS2, thereby accelerating the pace of your research.

PowerPackMore than just a battery

The Vertex One PowerPack contains a battery management system (BMS) to guarantee a safe and reliable operation whilst providing you information on the battery state of charge (SoC). In addition, it can be split into two modules, making it possible for you to take it in your your carry-on luggage on any commercial flight.

Folding armsUltimate flexibility

Experience unparalleled flexibility and versatility with our drone's foldable arms. Easily transport and store your drone wherever you go. No need to sacrifice performance for portability – our design ensures stability and precision during every flight.

ControlAutonomous stability

The advanced Avular flight controller ensures the drone’s stability at a specified height and location. With the help of a wide variety of sensor configurations, the drone can be equipped for outdoor and even indoor localization and navigation allowing for full autonomy. with the Avular flight controller, you no longer need to worry about the drone’s stability.

Origin One

Hybrid AutonomyIndoor to outdoor

Jump start your research with our proven platform. The Origin One acts as the perfect off-the-shelf base for ground-based robotic research. It is suitable for a wide range of indoor-to-outdoor experimentations, whereas its open and modular design allows for rapid modifications.

SensorsThe basis for autonomy

The Origin One is fully compatible with our Indoor and Outdoor Autopilots. No matter which Autopilot you choose, each Origin is packed with sensors: six ultrasonic sensors, four wheel encoders, IMU, magnetometer, current & voltage sensors, and an Intel RealSense depth camera. All sensory data is readily available for you to use.

InterfaceControl at your fingertips

Made to connect external sensors and payloads, as the Origin One features a range of electrical and mechanical interfaces to easily mount your specific hardware. The display features two buttons for navigation. Utilise our autonomy or program your own. Ethernet and USB ports allow you to plug in your own PC to run your own algorithms.

ModularFit to disassemble

The mounting rails on top along with the numerous mounting points along the front, sides and top of the vehicle means you can attach any payload or sensor hassle-free. Said sensors can then be connected straight to the onboard computer via the many ports in it’s interface.

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Business Case

Avans University of
Applied Sciences

Avular delivered one Origin One platform to the vocational university’s Breda campus where it will be used to research sustainable and regenerative production of food.

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Business Case

De Graafschap College

Avular delivered one Vertex One platform to De Graafschap College and it’s partners for use within their research. The drone will be used to test different scanning techniques as well as battery technology.

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An autonomous inspection robot for predictive maintenance in technical grids to secure reliable supply of electricity.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Avular and Loop Robots joined forces to create an autonomous disinfection robot for specifically for arable potatoes.


MiCart is an autonomously driving robot with integrated cutting-edge sound camera systems and artificial intelligence.